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Available for Service Part 2
Acts 20:17-24
  • How much time, within a 24 hour period, do you truly "serve" the Lord?
  • When you perform daily activities, do you remember you are serving the Lord in ALL you do?
  • What does it mean to "pour yourself out"?
You have the same 24 hours that everyone else has. Think about how you spend your time.
Available for Service, Part 1
Acts 20:15-21
  • Are you available for service?
  • Is serving a priority?
  • Do you focus on the "do's" or the "don'ts"?
Christianity is not a "lazy" religion.
Change the World, Part 2
Acts 20:1-15
  • How many people have you encouraged today?
  • What empty rituals do you go through in the name of religion?
  • Are you changing the world or is the world changing you?
The world is forever changed by the choices we make.
Change the World, Part 1
Acts 20:1-6
  • What does the word "encouragement" mean?
  • Is Christianity a list of "do's and don'ts"?
  • Are you an instrument of change in this life?
You can change the world or allow the world to change you.
Stirred Up, Part 2
Acts 19:23-41
  • What is your purpose for "going" to church?
  • Do you focus on what is wrong in your life, or do you focus on Jesus?
  • Do you have the same excitement/passion in serving and worshipping God as you did when you got saved? Why or why not?
Be the church and get stirred up for God!
Stirred Up, Part 1
Acts 19:20-26
  • What does "God will give you the desires of your heart" mean?
  • Are you truly a follower of Jesus?
  • What encourages you spiritually?
God wants us to be stirred up for Him. Listen as Pastor David tells you how to get stirred up.
Supernatural, Part 3
Acts 19:13-20
  • Do you pick and choose which verses of the Bible you read? Do you read the entire chapter, book, or the whole Bible?
  • Do you "have" to know Jesus in order to pray “In the name of Jesus”?
In Jesus' Nature, I Pray!
Supernatural, Part 2
Acts 19:10-17
  • Ever think about the meaning of your name?
  • Do you pray for selfish things in the "name of Jesus"?
  • When you pray "in Jesus' name" try replacing it with "in Jesus' nature". How does that change your prayer?
Jesus - what a beautiful name!
Supernatural, Part 1
Acts 19:10-15
  • When you ask someone to pray for you/someone else/a situation are you praying too?
  • Do you believe in God for something that seems unreasonable or unreachable?
  • When miracles happen do you give God the glory or do you give people the credit?
With God all things are possible.
Water the Seeds, Part 2
Acts 19:1-10
  • Have you asked God for supernatural gifts in order to minister to others?
  • What types of gifts are truly supernatural?
  • What is the one supernatural gift that God gave all of us?
God gives supernatural gifts to those who ask for them.
Water the Seeds, Part 1
Acts 19:1-6
  • Do you know what it means to receive the Holy Spirit?
  • What does it mean to speak in Tongues?
  • How is Tongues used as a supernatural gift?
God provides each of us with supernatural gifts. Pastor David provides insight on the use of some of these gifts.
Commitment, Part 4
Acts 18:20-28
  • Are you "dating" a church or are you committed?
  • Are you a student of the Bible?
  • Do you share what you know and learn about the Bible and Jesus with others?
Christianity is more than a one-time event. It's a commitment!
Commitment, Part 3
Acts 18:18-23
  • When you feel God is opening a door do you try to knock the door down or are you committed to wait on God's timing?
  • Are you led by what people want you to do or by what the Lord wants you to do?
  • How can being familiar with the 7 Biblical Feasts help you in sharing your faith with others?
Commitment takes faith and patience. God will give you patience when you exercise faith.
Commitment, Part 2
Acts 18:9-18
  • Are you committed to God? Church? Family? Work?
  • Do you look for common ground or a reason to argue?
  • Did you realize that sometimes you should not defend yourself but be quiet and let God defend you?
You cannot change yourself before you come to God. God changes you when you come to Him.
Commitment, Part 1
Acts 18:12-15
  • What does commitment mean to you?
  • When you become a Christian what changes first - your heart or your behavior?
  • Did you know that God makes something good out of all situations even those that we may view as bad?
As we look at the life and ministry of Paul we see a man that was committed to the Lord. Today Pastor David teaches on the importance of being comitted to your faith.
Do Not Be Afraid, Part 2
Acts 18:5-11
  • Do you try to interfere/control the promises of God in order to make them happen in your time?
  • Are you self-centered or others centered?
  • What does it mean to be a disciple?
Be courageous. You are never alone! Hear about some of God's promises that will help you through your trials.
Do Not Be Afraid, Part 1
Acts 18:1-6
  • When you reach opposition, what do you do?
  • Do you go to uncomfortable places to reach the lost?
  • Does fear control you?
When you are sharing your faith do you encounter opposition? One of the signs of effective ministry is opposition!
Building Bridges, Part 2
Acts 17:20-34
  • Did you know that the way you live your life is impacting other people either directly or indirectly?
  • Is your life impacting others in a good or bad way?
  • In simplest terms what is the difference between believers and unbelievers?
Do you know how to build a bridge between yourself and others? Today Pastor David talks about Paul's heart to build bridges with unbelievers in whatever way possible.
Building Bridges, Part 1
Acts 17:20-24
  • Are you looking for the perfect church?
  • Why do you go to church?
  • Is it about what you know or who you know?
The church is not a building, it's God's people. On today's program David McGee discusses how we can be the church.
Open the Gift, Part 2
Acts 17:11-21
  • What is the definition of envy?
  • Why do people try to stir up envy and strife? 
  • Do you know you need grace?
How does the "gift of God" get stirred up in you? Learn how to get stirred up for God.

Open the Gift, Part 1
Acts 17:11-15
  • When you have a question about something you have heard during a church service, where do you go for the answer?
  • What is the greatest available research tool?
  • What does it mean to be "a Berean"?
David McGee discusses the importance of knowing God's word. Open this precious gift daily.
THE Book, Part 2
Acts 17:1-11
  • Do you know that your emotions are subject to your will?
  • Have you ever thought that we, in our human nature, have a "mine" mentality?
  • How do we overcome the "mine" mentality and allow God to rule our emotions?
When you talk about God, what do you refer back to? Every Christian needs to know the Bible - THE Book.
THE Book, Part 1
Acts 17:1-5
  • When you share your faith with unbelievers, are you more worried about the "method" you use for sharing than you are about actually sharing of the Word?
  • What is the difference between expositional Bible teaching and topical?
  • What are the advantages of expositional teaching?
What is the most important book you can read? If you answered the Bible, you are right.
There is Hope in God, Part 3
Acts 16:25-41
  • What is the difference between being self-centered and God-centered?
  • Does self-centeredness or God-centeredness bring you hope?
  • When you are blessed do you bless others with those blessings? Why or why not?

God is hope! Learn how to talk to people about that hope.
There is Hope in God, Part 2
Acts 16:25-38
  • Do your values reflect Christianity?
  • Repentance is a changing of the mind. How is your mind changing?
  • Are you turning away from sin and turning to Jesus?
What would you say if someone asks you how they can be saved? It's not that complicated! Listen on!
There is Hope in God, Part 1
Acts 16:25-31
  • Have you ever demanded what you think you deserve?
  • Ever thought about what we truly deserve? 
  • How quickly is your faith uprooted?

Do you believe that being a Christian means you can't have fun or joy in your life? Great joy and hope come only through knowing God!
An Awesome Team, Part 3
Acts 16:16-25
  • Trials don't make or break you, they reveal what you are made of. What's inside of you?
  • Did you know that when you praise God through trials and tribulations there is no time to moan, groan, and complain?
  • In your daily walk is God Lord of all or not at all?
When satan attacks who's team do you want to be on? God's team is the one and only winning team!
An Awesome Team, Part 2
Acts 16:16-22
  • When you are in a spiritual battle who's name do you call on?
  • Did you realize that psychics, tarot card readers, fortune tellers, etc. are demonic/evil?
  • Did you know that demons cannot possess a Christian?
Who's team are you on? Learn how to be on God's team!
An Awesome Team, Part 1
Acts 16:10-16
  • When you talk about the church you attend do you call it “my church”?
  • What is the significance of belonging to a church/body of believers?
  • What is the difference is true fellowship and just talking to someone?

Ever thought about what it means to fellowship and be a member of a church? Find out what it means to be a part of an awesome God team!
Ministry... just do it. Part 2
Acts 16:1-10
  • When God closes a door do you praise God for the shut door or do you try to bust the door open?
  • Are you listening for God’s small voice or are you too busy or waiting for something earth shattering?
  • Do you follow God’s prompting/leading?

Are you waiting for an opportunity to minister in a big way? Why not start ministering to people in small ways. Join Pastor David McGee as he discusses ministry on today's Cross the Bridge program.